NitrothermSpray painting system

Nitrotherm Spray is a new spray painting method that allows you to spray with nitrogen instead of normal compressed air.

NitrothermSpray painting system








The molecules of nitrogen are colourless, odorless, tasteless and inert. Nitrogen constitutes the 78% of the Earth’s atmosphere (is the most widely spread gas in the air)..


This system allows you to paint at lower pressure, with an inert fluid as a carrier and at a constant temperature.


It has significant advantages in terms of paint and solvent saving, productivity, quality and respect for the environment.


Using the principle of selective permeation, POLFLUID® concentrates nitrogen contained in compressed air for use as the fluid carrier on all the stages of powder application.

POLIFLUID® generates savings of coating materials, cleaner working environment, improvements in finish and reduction in application time with faster colour change.

Gas produced by POLIFLUID® is inert and anhydrous, which allows to keep constant humidity and temperature values: two previously uncontrolled variables.
Application conditions can therefore be controller and consistent all day and in all seasons.

POLIFLUID® eliminates the problem of humidity, preventing powder from adhering and building up on the inside walls of the delivery hose and within the gun. When this happens with compressed air, powder aggregates would be periodically blown from the gun causing an unacceptable level of unevenness in the polymerized film.


Nitrotherm Spray is a new spray painting method that allows you to spray with nitrogen instead of normal compressed air.


It is possible to charge nitrogen with positive or negative ions and regulate charge up to 20kV


heating system is placed inside tube and temperature is controlled on the end of it by a thermocouple


Nitrogen is anhydrous gas droplets of paint with nitrogen as a carrier are faster (13m/s) than air (7m/s) nitrogen atomize better paint – its droplets are smaller


Tube is certificated to ATEX


Why using Nitrogen and NitrothermSpray?


Reduction of the overspray (up to 30% paint saving) Less maintenance for booth and filters Up to 30% increase in productivity Less than one year return of investment


Up to 50% reduction of solvent consumption Reduction of VOC emissions Environmental certification access


Increasing of the transfer efficiency Reduction or elimination of the waiting time in the coating process (wet on wet) Reduction of the application time by 25 - 50%


Reduction in outlet pressure Extreme temperature or humidity has no effect on the process


Remotion of surface moisture Reduction of “orange peel” Improvement of colour matching


The Nitrotherm Spray is present in the automotive industry, starting from the car producers, that use robot painting lines, through medium producers that paint, manually or with robots, lights, pannels, bumpers and so on.



NITROTHERM® SPRAY can be used in all fields of surface treatment including: Automotive, Auto Parts, Aviation, Consumer Electronics, Plastic, Marine, Metal, Wood.

1/ applicators


1-2/ applicators

J10 20 30 40 PK

2 +/ applicators

J60-90-120 HP

Membrane seperation

The Nitrotherm Spray system replaces the traditional fluid carrier of filtered compressed air with a nitrogen enriched flow (up to 97,5%) that is clean, dry and free of impurities. The Nitrotherm Spray system allows the decreasing of the working pressure till 40%, thanks to the velocity of paint molecules with nitrogen as a carrier. The result is the reduction of overspray and up to 30% paint savings. Another advantage of nitrogen as a carrier is the lower droplet diameter. The ratio volume/area brings better evaporation on surface and better atomization of sprayed products. By heating the nitrogen, the viscosity of the paint and the need of solvents are reduced as well (up to 50%). This system can be used with all kinds of paint, air compressor, spray gun and in all environmental conditions.


NS coating technologies is looking forward to cooperate with you!

You can book a trial of NitrothermSpray in your company and our professionals will show how easy it fits in your system.

Just fill the form below with all the informations about your painting process.

If you want to hear more about our technology, contact us directly or our distributors from your country.

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On this appointment is more detail presented technology NitrothermSpray and its suability in your specific process. Based on this evaluation is possible to send indicative offer for chosen type of NTS unit and predict savings for your specific case to be able to calculate ROI.

Based on initial evaluation is delivered needed type of trial NitrothermSpray machine. For installation is from your side needed to prepare connection of compressed air to our unit and electrical connection of 230V. Then is our NitrothermSpray tube connected directly to application for manual applications and in case of automatic processes to proportional valve or other system which control pressure or flow to application (spray gun, rotary bell etc.). Trial installation is standardly done with possible switching between compressed air and NTS to use NTS only for trial parts or frames and don’t cause delays in production during waiting for measures and qualitative evaluation.

To have initial values for evaluation and comparison are always first collected data of application with compressed air including thickness and quality measurement. With chosen set up are done comparison spray test to show differences in applications and have background for parameters optimization. This part of trial takes from 3 to 5 days of technician presence from our side and will be more detail described on appointment.

Our job is to help you as much as possible with trial. You can expect calculation of benefits on tried projects and general evaluation (savings, quality etc.). Detailed report include photos and videos is presented and discussed.


If your activity is in Turkey, please contact our office in Istanbul.

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You can book a trial of NitrothermSpray in your company and our professionals will show how easy it fits in your system. Just fill the form below with all the informations about your painting process.

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